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The LuvSlide is a sleek, contoured insertable pleasure device that minimizes space within the vaginal canal and maximizes penis girth and length during penetration, eliminating the need for surgical procedures or risky supplements. 


Designed to complement vaginal penetration, the LuvSlide can fit in the palm of the hand, featuring a unique teardrop-shaped silhouette. A flexible silicone cock ring wraps snugly around the penis to keep the LuvSlide securely in place during lovemaking, enhancing tightness, girth, and length of the penis, or any penetrative sex toy. 


Like the MateFix, LuvSlide features our signature design: an intentionally-crafted tip contour that massages the tip of the penis with every thrust. With every glide, the penis tip experiences a unique yet subtle sensation that amplifies penetration, without feeling foreign or intrusive. 


When used for clitoral stimulation, the LuvSlide has a dual-ended design that can be flipped in either direction for powerful pinpointed pleasure. One end boasts a smooth, contoured ridge while the other side has a tapered tip that delivers more subtle flicking sensations. The LuvSlide’s optional vibration is ideal for those who love power, as well as those who are more sensitive to strong vibrations. 


Crafted from premium, velvet-touch silicone, the sleek, unique shape combines elegance, simplicity and functionality.

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Experience a new dimension of pleasure with the groundbreaking LuvSlide. This hands-free intimacy device is designed to enhance intimate moments for couples by enhancing the body’s natural anatomy. 


Whether connected to the penis with a C-ring, or effortlessly floating inside of the vagina, the LuvSlide’s contoured silhouette maximizes space during partner play or solo pleasure. Brace yourself for an extraordinary encounter as it amplifies sensations for both partners through powerful vibrations. Experience the feeling of a fuller and longer penis, in addition to enhanced tightness during penetration. 


Our signature, contoured bulbous tip massages the head of the penis with every thrust, delivering a sensation reminiscent of oral sex. The soft, rounded shape provides the perfect amount of stimulation to the penis, without feeling intrusive or foreign. 


Crafted from premium, hypoallergenic silicone, the LuvSlide guarantees a safe and comfortable experience. A water-resistant design allows it to be used during shower or bath play. With a convenient remote control and rechargeable functionality, the LuvSlide combines seamless operation with lasting pleasure.


The LuvSlide wireless remote control operates seven versatile vibration modes that can be easily adjusted to suit any pleasure preference. Users can explore a range of tantalizing sensations, from gentle pulses to powerful waves, to discover the perfect rhythm for both bodies.


Backed by our commitment to satisfaction, The LuvSlide comes with a generous 1-year warranty, offering peace of mind and assurance in the quality and durability of the investment.

  • Hands-free, wearable couples vibrator, intentionally designed to promote partner intimacy 

  • Effortlessly rests inside the vaginal canal and delivers simultaneous pleasure and pressure when used with a penis or intimacy device

  • Teardrop-shaped silhouette fits comfortably in the hand and/or vaginal canal

  • A high-powered, whisper-quiet motor delivers intense vibrations to the penis shaft and G-spot during penetrative partner sex

  • The signature bulbous tip delivers a unique stimulating massage to the penis tip with every thrust

  • Connects to the top or underside of the penis shaft when paired with the snug-fitting cock ring (included)

  • 3 intense vibration speeds and 5 patterns

  • Operated by a wireless remote control

  • USB rechargeable

  • Hypoallergenic, body-safe silicone free of latex and phthalates 

  • IPX-7 submersible up to 30 feet

  • Easy-to-operate button interface

  • 1-hour charge time

  • 90-minute use time on a full charge

  • Provides a tighter, fuller feel for couples during penetrative sex, and during penetrative solo play

  • Individual users can wear LuvSlide vaginally with or without an additional pleasure product for penetration

  • Enhances both partner’s anatomies during penetrative intercourse, without the need for surgical procedures or risky supplements

  • Ergonomic shape rests comfortably in the hand for an effortless grip during external stimulation

  • Delivers consistent stimulation to the vulva when worn on the top of the penis, or beneath the shaft

  • Subtle-contoured shape stays firmly in place, delivering vibrations to the G-spot and penis shaft, while massaging the penis tip with every thrust

  • 5-in-1 pleasure device inspires creativity and exploration for partners and solo users. 

  • Adds a unique element of stimulation and vibration when held against the penis during handjob stroking - perfect for men and couples

  • Ultra-soft contoured shape comfortably rests against the side of the cheek during oral sex, transmitting vibrations to the penis shaft

  • Ergonomic, body-adaptable design compliments all anatomies and body sizes

  • Long, slender shape helps to stimulate hard-to-reach places, especially for those with bigger bodies

  • Dual-ended design can be flipped in either direction for light, fluttering sensations or deep, intense pressure when used externally on the clitoris

  • Allows users to experiment with external P-spot play when applied firmly to the perineum, with or without vibration 

  • Powerful whisper-quiet motor is the best of both worlds: discretion and intensity 

  • Can be used for partner penetration or solo pleasure

  • Discreet, non-intimidating shape is beginner-friendly and accessible to couples of all experience levels.

  • One-year manufacturer’s warranty

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